About Executive Director

Bolaji Olagbaju has always had a passion for helping the less fortunate. As a child growing up in Nigeria, she accompanied her father who was a community leader to numerous villages serving the underprivileged. These trips exposed her to the incredible obstacles faced by the less privileged and placed a passion in her heart to make a difference.

While at college at a time when most had no idea about HIV/AIDS and its causes, she co-established the AIDs Awareness Foundation [AAF].. AAF actively educated numerous communities within Nigeria on the causes and prevention of HIV/AIDS. After her transition to the United States constantly received news from friends and families in Nigeria about the loss of their children during childbirth. A relative sadly, lost three babies consecutively, during childbirth.

The losses really disturbed and intrigued Bolaji, especially after she saw the ease of how basic pre and post-natal care was provided to her for her pregnancies and childbirth in the united State. Her natural curiosity and concerns led to an intense research on the issue of infant and maternal mortality. She also began attending international conferences with WHO, UNFPA and UNESCO engaging experts in the discussion of maternal and infant mortality,abuse and sexual violence against women in Africa. Bolaji realized there was a big need to provide, encourage, empower, educate and uplift women and families in Africa on the importance of pre & post natal care, spousal support and violence against women. There was a need for an organization like Mothers and Beyond Inc.

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