Upcoming Events

Mothers and Beyond Walk –A- Thon, May 2009
In a grass roots way and the first of its kind, Mothers and Beyond will join hands with Nigerian celebrities, young and old women and those directly affected by rape and abuse to walk on certain popular streets in Lagos, Nigeria with our banners and chant saying, ‘No to rape and abuse against women.’ We will also hold speeches during our Walk-A-Thon to educate and inform about the horrible ‘culture of silence’ when it comes to rape in Nigeria and other African countries.

Mothers and Beyond Village and Maternal Clinic Visits, May 2009
Mothers and Beyond Inc. along with healthcare providers will visit local maternal communities and villages in Nigeria, Mali etc. to educate on nutrition and health as well as donate items such as mosquito nets, diaper bags, baby wears, sanitary towels and pre-natal vitamins.

Mothers and Beyond Inc., Health Seminar, May 2009
Mothers and Beyond Inc. will produce a health seminar in conjunction with the health government agencies, NGOs where healthcare providers can educate affected communities on Maternal care including pre-and post natal care.

Past Events
Mothers and Beyond Clothes Drive 2008

In 2008, Mothers and Beyond conducted a clothes drive. Our kind donors donated clothing, groceries, and written materials. We shipped these items to Nigeria as well as gave some to local shelters serving women in the DC Metropolitan area.




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