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Infant and Maternal Mortality
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Infant and Maternal Mortality

HIV Aids and Malaria are important issues in Africa. However, equally important but largely ignored are the alarming rates of infant and maternal deaths in Africa, especially Sub-Saharan Africa. According to UNICEF the stark reality of maternal mortality was very apparent as one in every nine deaths occurred in Nigeria.(punch January 16, 2009)

A woman in Africa has a 1 in 7 chance of dying during the course of her lifetime from pregnancy and complications at childbirth; while a woman in the USA has 1 in 4800 and in Europe 1 in 48,000 chances of death.

To get a better mental picture, a pregnant woman in the USA is most likely to receive pre and post natal care and when it is time for delivery, have an ambulance to whisk her within minutes to the hospital. In contrast, a pregnant woman in Africa is most likely to have no clinic/hospital to visit and in cases where one exist, no cars or even a bicycle to transport her to the nearest one in instances of complications during child birth. While pregnant, this African woman is less likely to even receive any pre-natal care much less post-natal care. It is little wonder then that Africa’s child and maternal rates are respectively 20 and 65 times higher than that of the USA.

Some of the solutions to these alarming statistics and suffering are basic education, provision of social amenities and comprehensive health care. These can significantly reduce infant and maternal mortality rates in Africa. MBI hope you join us in being a part of the solution.




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